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"These are small volume, artisinal efforts that capture the pure essence of old vine Barossa Shiraz and Grenache"

- Robert Parker, Wine Advocate

Ben Glaetzer or as many call him, the ‘Baron of the Barossa” produces some of the most iconic wines in the Barossa. Stepping away from the trend of power and huge tannins, Ben focuses on balance with the fruit, with the alcohol, oak and complexities all layering together harmoniously. Glaetzer’s wines are often named ‘wine of the vintage’ by the the lieks of the Wine Advocate.

Glaetzer iconic labels are easy to distinguish but it’s the Amon-Ra that grabs our attention the most which Egyptian inspired design. In Egyptian mythology, Amon-Ra is considered to be the king of all gods and the eye on the label is the eye of Horus a powerful Egyptian symbol of protection. It is represented as a figure with six parts, corresponding to what Egyptians regarded as the six senses; touch, taste, hearing, sight, smell and thought. It’s these six senses that Glaerzter aims to please with his wines. The Amon-Ra was recently added to the 7th Edition of the Langton’s Classification as ‘Excellent’ due to its high quality and great prestige. Further information can be found here. If you love big, rounded, complex yet elegant wines, then Glaetzer is for you.

The wines:

Glaetzer Amon Ra Wine Glaetzer Anaperenna Wine    
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  1. 2021
    Glaetzer Anaperenna 2021 (1x75cl)
  2. 2021
    Glaetzer Amon-Ra 2021 (6x75cl)
  3. 2021
    Glaetzer Anaperenna 2021 (6x75cl)
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