Dom Perignon

Dom Perignon 

Dom Pérignon is widely recognized for its iconic label and global reach, making it one of the most influential brands in the Champagne industry, renowned for producing arguably the finest champagne in the world. What is most impressive, is Dom Perignon’s ability to balance quality, consistency, and quantity on a global scale.

Dom Pérignon is vintage champagne only using a typical blend of 50/50 Chardonnay to Pinot Noir with half of the vineyards classified as Grand Cru. Only the finest fruit is selected and only the best vintage are used.

In its youth, the house style of Dom Perignon is characterized by distinct notes of toasty and smoky aromas resulting from reduction. As it matures and ages on cork, it gradually unveils fragrances reminiscent of pear, peach, and tangerine, while the initial reductive signatures transform into subtler hints of wheat toast and iodine.

Notable Dom Perignon vintages include Dom Perignon 1996, Dom Perignon 2002, Dom Perignon 2008, and Dom Perignon 2012. As well as that, Dom Perignon does special labeling with artists with Dom Perignon Lady Gaga being the most recent.

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