How To Order

How To Order:

We have a two-step process for placing your order

We simplify the buying process by having a two-step process for placing your order. Firstly, you purchase the case of wine becoming the owner of it.

Secondly, you settle up the duty and VAT of the wine before it leaves for delivery to your home. There are many benefits in working this way and to get a grasp of our pricing structure, please read our explanation on In Bond and Duty Paid pricing here.

Step 1: Placing the order

Once you have located the wine you wish you purchase, you place this into your basket and similar to many other online stores, you checkout and pay for the product. 


Step 2: Arranging delivery and paying the duty & VAT

Once purchased, the wine is now your property. It is however stored in a duty-free and temperature-controlled warehouse. It can be left here for long-term storage for which you will be charged a small fee per month. More on our storage service here.

If you wish to make a delivery to your home, you can log into your account and select 'Deliveries' adding the cases in question. Our system will work out the duty and VAT/TAX to settle up automatically. You will then be directed to checkout to pay this fee and the delivery will be automatically processed to your chosen address. 

You can dispatch part of the initial order, or combine many sales orders to be delivered together. 


Need some extra help? Feel free to contact us on [email protected]