About Us

About us:

There's that special feeling when you've opened a bottle of wine and you think you got the timing and moment just right. Whether that's a special bottle of Tignanello 2007 that you've had in collection for the last 10 years or a bottle of Comando G from Spain that you've just acquired. That feeling of success and pleasure in drinking wine is what inspires us to help other wine lovers find and buy amazing wines. 


The fine wine world and 'allocation' processes can be difficult to navigate if you're new to the game. Our special offer processes helps navigate that process by offering some of the world's best fine wines which are produced in small quantities in an easy-to-understand format. To receive these specials, please create an account to start receiving our special offers. 


We work in quite a unique way, so please do read our guide about how we operate.

If our pricing looks a bit confusing, then please do check out our explanation here to make it a bit simpler.


Whether you are into drinking classic Bordeaux, top champagnes, Italy's finest Nebbiolo's, new or old-world Pinot Noir, or even some of the newest and most exciting names from South Africa. We hope to have something for everyone. 

If you need any help, then please do be in touch at [email protected]